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Zachęcamy do korzystania z anglojęzycznego zbioru książek Biblioteki Pedagogicznej w Kartuzach, w którym znajdą Państwo pozycje z klasyki literatury brytyjskiej i amerykańskiej, jak również materiały pomocnicze do nauki języka angielskiego.



Alcott Louisa M. - ?Good Wives?

Alcott Louisa M. - ?Jo?s Boys?

Armstrong Thomas - ?A Ring Has No End?

Armstrong Thomas - ?Adam Brunskill?

Ashley Maurice - ?Louis XIV and the Greatness of France?

Austin Cedric - ?Enjoy these Stories!?

Bagley Desmond - ?Landslide?

Balchin Nigel - ?A Way Through the Wood?

Ball Ian, Macwilliam Marion - ?May we Recommend. Six Radio Plays?

Barker Ronald S. - ?The Study Book of Weather?

Beck Barbara L. - ?The First Book of Fruits?

Beith Janet - ?The Corbies?

Berliner Commins Dorothy - ?All About The Symphony Orchestra and What It Plays?

Bird Richard - ?The Rival Captains?

Birds Trees & Flowers Illustrated

Braddon Russell - ?Cheshire V. C. A Story of War and Peace?

Broster D. K. - ?The Flight of the Heron?

Bryant Arthur - ?The Age of Elegance?

Buck Pearl S. - ?Pavilion of Women?

Burgess E. M. R. - ?Hilary Follows Up or The Peridew Tradition?

Cameron Isabel - ?Folk of the Glen?

            Canning Victor - ?The Burning Eye?

3 w 1  Bloch Robert - ?Psycho?

            Reeman Douglas - ?Send a Gunboat?

Cary Joyce - ?The Horse?s Mouth?

Charlton J. M. - ?Modern one - act plays for Schools 3?

Cleary Jon  - ?A Flight of Chariots?

Collins Freda - ?A Year Book of Modern Heroes?

Coolidge Susan - ?The ?Katy? Omnibus?

Coolidge Susan - ?What Katy Did Next?

Copplestone Bennet (F. Harcourt Kitchin) - ?The Treasure of Golden Cap?

Costain Thomas - ?Below the Salt?

Creasey John - ?A Herald of Doom?

Crompton Richmal - ?William - The Pirate?

Derry T. K., Blakeway M. G. - ?The making of Britain/2?

Dias R. W. M. - ?Jurisprudence?

Dobinson H. M. - ?Basic Skills You Need?

Dorman Geoffrey - ?Swooping Vengeance?

Doubleday Richard - ?Readings 1?

Douglas O. - ?The Setons?

Duffield Anne - ?Bitter Rapture?

Eady K. M. - ?Adventurers all?

Edwards Monica - ?Punchbowl Midnight?

England Barry - ?Figures in a Landscape?

Enright Elizabeth - ?Thimble Summer?

Evans A. A. - ?The Poet?s Tale. An Anthology of Narrative Poetry?

Fisher H. A. L. - A History of Europe?

Flowerdew Phyllis, Stewart Sam - ?Reading On?

Fonteyn Margot - ?Margot Fonteyn. Her own Bestselling Autobiography?

Foot Michael - ?Harold Wilson. A Pictoral Biography?

Forester C. S. - ?Lieutenant Hornblower?

?Freedom means. Views on Human Rights?

Gadsby Jean and David - ?Looking at Britain?

Garner William - ?The Puppet - Masters?

Gates Roger - ?1643 The English Civil War?

Gibbs Philip - ?Cities of Refuge?

Glaskin G. M. - ?A Waltz Through the Hills?

Green A. C. - ?Writing Occasons?

Green Roger J. - ?Daggers?

Griffin Gwyn - ?Shipmaster?

Grisenthwaite Nora M. A. - ?Pegasus. An Anthology of Verse?

Grisenthwaite Nora M. A. - ?Poerty and Life?

Hagger R. G. - ?Pottery through the ages?

Hansford Johnson Pamela - ?An Impossible Marriage?

Hardcastle Michael - ?Blood Money?

Hardcastle Michael - ?Come and Get Me?

Hardcastle Michael - ?Live In The Sky?

Harnett Cynthia - ?The Great House?

Harris John - ?Covenant With Death?

Harris John - ?The Sea Shall Not Have Them?

Havelock Ellis - ?Affirmations?

Hayman Ronald - ?Techniques of Acting?

Heath R. B. - Impact Assignments in English?

Henry O. - ?Strictly Business?

Herbert Frank - ?Dune Messiah?

Herzog Maurice - ?Annapurna?

Hillary Edmund - ?High Adventure?

Holt Victoria - ?The Judas Kiss?

Huggett Renée - ?Shops?

Hume David - ?Enquiries concerning Human Understanding and concerning the Principles of Morals?

Jacob Naomi - ?Second Harvest?

Jamieson Jean M - ?Normans and Crusaders?

Jefferies Richard - ?The Life of The Fields?

Joad C. E. M. - ?The Testament of Joad?

Johnson S. - ?Who Are They? A Biographical Reference Book?

Jones Claire - ?Pollution: the Land we live on?

Jones John W. - ?Living English. Book 2?

Jones John W. - ?Living English. Book 3?

Jones W. E. Capt. - ?Biggles od 266?

Kaye H. B. - ?The Man In My Chair?

Kenyon James W. - ?Black Flash?

Keyes Parkinson Frances - ?Larry Vincent??

Keyes Parkinson Frances - ?Steamboat Gothic?

Krey Laura - ?And Tell of Time?

Lay E. J. S. - Men and Manners. An Anthology of Social History?

Lester Muriel - ?It Occurred to Me?

Lillington Kenneth - ?The Fourth Windmill Book of One - Act Plays?

Linklater Eric - ?Private Angelo?

Lloyd Christopher - ?Sir Francis Drake?

Long Freda M. - ?Mischief at Frinton Park?

Loosmore Charles W. - ?Nerves and The Man?

Lynch Patricia - ?The Turf - Cutter?s Donkey. An Irish Story of Mystery and Adventure?

Maby J. Cecil - ?Walls of Jericho?

MacLeod Robert - ?An Incident in Iceland?

Marsh Ngaio - ?False Scent?

Marshall Tilly - ?Life with Lowry?

Martin Nancy - ?Half - way?

Merfield Fred G. - ?Gorillas Were My Neighbours?

Miles J. E. - ?The Thing That Swallowed Our House?

Miles Keith - ?Ambridge Summer?

Mottram R. H. - ?Europa?s Beast?

Munthe Axel - ?The Story of San Michele?

Mure Pierre La - ?Clair de Lune - A Novel About Claude Debussy?

Myers L. H. - The Near and the Far?

Natanson Jacques - ?The Intrigue?

Nutting Anthony - ?Gordon martyr and misfit?

Ogg David - ?William III?

Oliver Jane - ?The Lion is Come?

Osborn Hann A. C. - ?Terry?s Adventures?

Parker T. H. - ?This Human Frame?

Plunket Ierne L. - ?At The Sign of The Windmill?

Poole Michael - ?Peril on the Ridge?

Poole R. H., Shepherd P. J. - ?Impact One?

Prowles D. C. - ?Standpoint?

Pym Chrostopher - ?Mistapim in Cambodia?

Rawlings M. K. - ?The Yearling?

Ray John, Ray Mary - ?The Victorian Age?

?Read Miss? - ?Village School?

Renault Mary - ?The King Must Die?

Ridout Ronald - ?Whatever the Odds?

Roberts Kenneth - ?Northwest Passage?

Rogers Rosemary - ?The Crowd Pleasers?

Ross Betty - ?Mexico: Land of Eagle and Serpent?

Ruesch Hans - ?The Racer?

Rush Philip - ?He Went with Dampier?

Rutley Bernard C. - ?At the Eleventh Hour?

Rutley Bernard C. - ?Island of Secrets?

Sager Olof, Carlsson Ingvar - ?Aspects?

Sager Olof, Carlsson Ingvar - ?Encounters?

Saki (H. H. Munro) - ?The Unbearable Bassington?

Sarasin J. G. - ?Invasion Coast?

Savage N. E., Wood R. S. - ?Man and His Enviroment?

Scannell Vernon - ?The Dangerous Ones?

Schaefer Jack - ?First Blood?

Serraillier Ian - Fight for Freedom?

Shakespeare William - ?King Lear?

Shaw Jane - ?Susan?s Helping Hand?

Shute Nevil - ?An Old Captivity?

Sidgwick Ethel - ?Duke Jones?

Sitwell Osbert - ?Left Hand Right Hand!?

Smith Dodie - ?I Capture the Castle?

Smyth W. M. - ?Prose of Spirit and Action 1?

Southworth Stephanie - ?Prospects?

Spring Howard - ?A Sunset Touch?

Spykman E. C. - ?The Wild Angel?

Stevenson Robert Louis - ?The Black Arrow?

Styles Showell - ?Kami the Sherpa?

Tedman John, Tedman Alison - ?The Battle of Valhome Dam?

Terry A. G. - ?The Physical Landscape?

Thomas Leslie - ?The Magic Army?

Thomas H. R. - ?English for Secondary Schools?

Thompson Arnold - ?Anthology One?

Thompson Arnold - ?English First 1?

Thompson Denys - ?Read On 2?

Thompson Dorothy - ?The British People 1760-1902?

Thompson T. - ?Lancashire Rampant?

Tomkinson Constance - ?Les Girls?

Trevor Elleston - ?The Burning Shore?

Tunnicliffe Stephen - ?Stone - Wood - Metal - Plastic?

Vereker Barbara - ?Caroline at the Film Studios?

Walker David - ?Come Back, Geordie?

Wallace Edgar - ?The Reporter?

Walsh J. H. - ?Fields of Experience?

Walpole Hugh - ?Roman Fountain?

Ward Millington John - ?British and American English?

Warner P. M. - ?A Friend for Frances?

Wayne Jenifer - ?The Day the Ceiling Fell Down?

Wheatley Dennis - ?The Forbidden Territory?

Williams - Ellis Amabel - ?17th Century England?

Winterbottom D. - ?The American Revolution?

Woodham - Smith Cecil - ?The Reason Why?

Wylie I. A. R. - ?The Undefeated?

Yglesias J. R. C. - ?Mainstream English?